A brief talk about the seaport

According to the definition from Wikipedia, “A seaport is further categorized as a “cruise port” or a “cargo port”. Additionally, “cruise ports” are also known as a “home port” or a “port of call”. The “cargo port” is also further categorized into a “bulk” or “break bulk port” or as a “container port”.” Well, in the logistic way, we mainly talk about the container port.

Honestly, I really didn’t know that there were more than 5 ports from China in the top 10 rank of world biggest ports until I studied the case in detail. As a man from Shanghai, I know it is the biggest port in China, I feel very proud of the fact and the same time I also feel guilty that I didn’t know that it was the biggest port in the world now.

Port throughput is the amount of cargo that passes through a port and is measured in volume or units and categorized by cargo type. Container port throughput is usually measured in the number of TEUs moved. The handling capacity of ports is measured in terms of TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units). Based on this unit of calculation, we got the 10 ship ports as the biggest ports in the world.


Source data: The Journal of Commerce, August 20, 2012 and August 19, 2013 and ports

From the table, it is easy to find that the 10 biggest ports in the world are all located in Asia, the dominance of Asia in container port throughput signifies the importance of the region in international trade. The country with the largest share of container throughput continues to be China, with seven of its ports, rules the modern container port industry which titling China the world trade leader.

Why does the seaport become so important in the logistics area? I think mostly due to the booming shipping trade. Although we got other transportation way to deliver the goods, by the air or by land, the shipping by sea is always the best way to transport goods as more as you want.


 Here I bring some brief introduction of the most important and influenced ports in the world.

  1. Shanghai (China): Having a total of five working areas, the port of Shanghai became the biggest port in the world, surpassing the port of Singapore. The port of Shanghai is a source of great economic activity in the Yangtze River area which has helped further the economic status of regions like Zhejiang, Jiangsu.   SHHuangpuDocksLLQ15127
  2.  Singapore (Singapore): Once rated as the world’s largest port, the port of Singapore has slipped a couple of places and is now ranked third in the same category. From the Singaporean economic perspective, the port of Singapore plays a very important role as it caters to the re-export market on a mammoth scale. eightfish-night-view-of-the-port-of-singapore-authority-psa-in-singapore
  3. Rotterdam (The Netherlands): The only European marine port listed, the Rotterdam port is ranked fourth in the list of biggest marine ports in the world. It also served as the largest port in the world for 42-years between 1962 and 2004 before it was surpassed by Singapore and Shanghai, in that order. The Rotterdam port is the largest port in the whole of Europe.rotterdam_port 

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