Sustainable logistics at Metro

Last week my topic for the one slide show was the logistics at the company “Metro”. Sustainability gets more and more important and Metro follows really interesting guidelines concerning their logistics, so I don’t want to detain that.

Metro is a holding company of wholesale and retail enterprise, the company has about 2,200 outlets in 32 different countries and distinguish by a very good distribution network. The Metro logistics show positive ecological balance, the utilized trucks are nearly full, empty runs are minimized and detention times could be reduced drastically. All retail processes are organized efficient and cost-effective. Metro counts on close cooperation with the manufacturing industry as well as with their suppliers. Only sustainable suppliers are selected. Within the Policy for Sustainable Sourcing concerning environmental, social and economic terms, high guidelines have to be met. So Metro obligates their suppliers to animal welfare and to offer acceptable working conditions for their employees. Furthermore Metro tries to support their suppliers. Within the project “Star Farm”, the company helped Chinese producers to fulfill international quality standards and achieve continuous traceability to food producers, farmers and fishmen. (Compare:

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