Companies like Mercadona acquired advantages from organized innovations that allowed them to obtain competitiveness and adaptability to complex demand. They began as a small business in 1977 Valencia, Spain, in an area away from their respective metropolitan market, but they advanced to become leaders in their domestic markets. Since 1993, the philosophy of Mercadona has been based in “TOTAL QUALITY”, and is based on five components:

  • Customers (the chief)
  • Personnel
  • Suppliers
  • The corporation
  • Capital

The company aimed at organizing people´s abilities (suppliers, workers) in order to satisfy people´s needs (customers). Their innovative and efficient way of dealing with suppliers and customers, their low prices, their quality service, the adoption of technological advances in commercialization and logistic organization processes have developed in a business culture and made them the leaders of their direct competitors (conventional supermarkets, hypermarkets and a segment of the discount stores).

Mercadona has an automated distribution centers that provide them with sophisticated technology, probably one of the most modern of Spain and Europe. The real objective is to gain efficiency with less effort. It is seen that they are applying something similar to Lean Manufacturing, but with the benefits of the new technologies.  Let’s see a video that will show their distribution center from the inside.

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