Media Markt Online

Since Media Markt opened its online shop MRW has been the logistical operator. The process started in 2012 with over 3.500 product references, but it has increased till about 100.000 according to predictions.

In this way, MRW became the biggest logistical operator in the Iberian Peninsula. The logistical centre is placed in the industrial estate of Coslada, Madrid. It’s very near to MRW injection platform and they have the most extensive schedule to satisfy the online customer requests.

They work with an enormous flexibility and can deliver the customer requests in one day aproximately. Moreover, the operational quality and efficiency is evident and they manage the warehouses with RFID technology (described in the previous post).

Media Markt very often has offers online which increases the online requests. In addition, you can pick up your product in the store or they can carry it to you, whatever you prefer.

Finally, we can see the concept of “GARANTIENDA” in the following video, but it’s in Spanish:

Only Media Markt has this innovative concept.

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